{4.4.2013} no. 22


CTS is a challenge blog to inspire you to create a clean and simple card based on a fun sketch.
Here is my inspiration for this week’s challenge and brand new sketch.

I love this inkwell stamp.  Isn’t fun?  I decided to turn the tag in the sketch into a label instead.  I stamped the inkwell onto the label itself and then the feather top on a scrap piece.  I trimmed out that feather and popped it up with some foam adhesive.  Just to give it a little something fun.

I’ve had this Smooch Spritz stuff for ages.  Never really knew what to do with it.  I’m so not savvy with the whole spritz crazy.  I can’t seem to make it look pretty.  So, I did it my way.  I sprayed a little onto some paper to make a puddle, then used the end of my paint brush (the handle end) to create some ink drops.  I went a little crazy and wish I could take it back.  Well, I can’t so I have to go with it.  Lol.  Note to self – practice beforehand on some scraps.

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11 thoughts on “{4.4.2013} no. 22

  1. Controlled spattering…. now there’s a thought. I have a ‘spatter’ stamp set, that’s the ONLY way I can control it lol. Your card is totally WOW Lisa!

  2. I love how you used the spritz your own way! I’m critical of my misting and never feel like I get it right. This looks perfect and that’s a great idea for those of us that like more control of our spritzes.

  3. I think you did a great job with your dots. Another fun way is to use an old toothbrush. Wet one end of the brush with a little color then use your finger to brush against the brush (hope this makes sense). You’ll get more of a mist than drops. I like the little ink well stamp.

  4. I too go a little overboard with the spritz & then regret it…but in my case I normally blot out the entire card. I think you’ve got just the right amount! I’ve found that taking the pump out of the bottle & flicking the tube part (hah, highly technical speak there) gives me the kind of splatter that I want. Also pretty dyed skin 🙂

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