{7.30.2012} oh yea!

I’m a Moxie Fabber girl.

Honestly, I CAN’T believe it!

Me… Moxie Fab???  Little ol’ me?
Not really sure what qualifies me, but I’m super honored.
(actually more than that, I just don’t have the words to express it)
I just like to do my thing and HOPE someone else likes it.  Ha.

Cath, you have MADE my YEAR!
Thank you so much for this invitation.

If you’d like to read my Moxie Fabber interview, you can click HERE.


21 thoughts on “{7.30.2012} oh yea!

  1. DOOOOOOOOO not be shocked! You are amazing and SOOOOOO FABULOUS! You are totally Moxie Fab! Can’t wait to read your interview:)

  2. Hey Lisa, I thoroughly enjoyed your MFW interview today! Had to pop over and congratulate you and also take a peek at your Blog creations. I really love your cards and I have seen your work in challenges before. Have a great day and I totally agree with everyone else, YOU Moxie Fabber, YOU! 🙂

  3. SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! I loved reading it all, and you are so absolutely Moxie Fab 😀 You rock, babe. And we have the same ‘thought’ – I do what I like, and what makes me happy, and if other people like it too, then yay 😉

  4. I say you are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!, but it doesn’t do you justice! Seriously…everything you do is stylish and wonderful! CONGRATS LISA! YOU definitely are a MOXIE FABBER!!!

  5. You are so totally Moxie Fab Lisa! Congratulations and I enjoyed reading more about you 🙂

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