happy little tree

Did you ever watch Bob Ross on PBS painting his happy little trees?  Not sure why I just thought of that, but I suppose it is because of this happy little holiday tree.  He would just put me in a trance when I was little.  What little girl watches a bushy haired painter?  Me.  I always wanted to be able to paint my own happy trees too.
Now I get to stamp them!

PRE-Holiday Preparation SALE at Unity

This is just a reminder of the current sale and new at Unity!  Crazy amazing deals on Christmas and Halloween sets, new and old.

This super cute itty bitty is only $4.50!!!  What a deal.
Hurry, the sale ends today.

What tree wouldn’t be happy in sparkly pink rolling hills?  Ha.










11 thoughts on “{9.25.2011}

  1. Well, I know *I* would be happy in pink sparkly hills 🙂
    I love Bob Ross & his happy little trees! Whenever I’m making a cutesy tree card I totally hear his voice in my head….a little crazy, but it makes me smile!

  2. Hi Lisa! This card is SO adorable!! Love the tree and the pink landscape at the bottom. Great colours and design. So clever!! Love it!!

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