{8.30.2011} assemble this! video

July 2011 CARDS publications

Hi my crafty friends.  Just thought I’d pop in to share my pubs from July.  I was super lucky to have 4 cards in this issue.  Eeek.  And I made a video of one of them before it got picked up.  So, it is super fun that you can see how that one was made.

Here they are as they looked in CARDS

The Assemble This! video for today is from the playing card Happy Birthday card.  LOTS of stamping and masking going on in this one.  I hope you enjoy.


14 thoughts on “{8.30.2011} assemble this! video

  1. Saw all of your amazing creations in the past three months publications! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them! LOVE LOVE LOVE:) HOOOORAY for publications! Congrats to you:)

  2. Awesome, Lisa! I’m not surprised…I LOVE everything you do! And I think I have good taste, lol! Love the card from your last post, too! I love grey and pink, and crowns and such!

  3. Whoa, four cards! You go, girl! I was flipping through the mag in the store when it first came out, and the HB HB card jumped out. I looked to see who made it, and it was you! Seriously amazing work, Lisa!

  4. Congrats 🙂 Four in one issue!! That’s huge! I love them all – but I think that sweet little birthday birdie has got to be my favourite 🙂

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