10.13.2010 – art class no. 1

I attempted and completed my first art class plus homework.
Heehee, I said homework.

Drawing is practice and practice and more practice.  So you end up drawing the same items over and over again.  But I did have to attempt something new and it was this *evil* chair.  This was very scary and really hard for me.  Took a lot of erasing and do overs.  Here is my first run at it.

Not bad, but not stellar by any means!  I got a passing grade and get to move onto class 2.
Yahoo, I was afraid I would have to keep working on it.

I have a lot of boxes, Kleenix boxes and another chair in my future.  Yep, another *evil* chair!


4 thoughts on “10.13.2010 – art class no. 1

  1. awesome, lisa! i love how well you captured the shadows on the walls! if your like me, you’ll start looking at everything differently–throught “how would i sketch that eyes”:)

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